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72 Reasons To Pay Attention!

Have you ever wished you could pick the brains of a few of those millionaire internet marketers known as “gurus” ?

Do you think you’d learn anything if they gave you honest answers?  You’d better believe you would!

Well, here’s your chance to do the very next best thing.  Rob Toth, a super marketer himself, personally interviewed 72 of them for you.

And now you can listen in as each of these Leading Information Marketing ExpertsTHE Big-Boys (and Girls) of this industry – share their future trends predictions and give you their insight into where they see a lot of profits for 2009 and beyond.

In these short 15-Minute Audios, (and this is the BEST part) they also give you their #1 Big-Money Success Tips and their Costly Mistakes To Avoid Tips.

This expert panel audio series isn’t your typical rambling 45-90 minute call with 10 minutes of actual quality content. Most of you are short on time and can’t afford to hunt for the 10 minutes of nuggets in a 90 minute audio.

For that very reason, Rob kept these closely structured calls with the exact same 3 questions being asked of each expert. Each call is approximately 15 minutes long and packed FULL of hard-hitting predictions and success tips.

I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, and admit that I still haven’t listened to all of them. However, after hearing just 11, I have pages of notes! This is one heck of a learning experience!

Oh, I almost forgot, the package includes Transcripts from the Top 20 interviews, so that will save your wrist and a stack of paper.

I got so excited about this, that I created a Squidoo lens with a complete review of this product. PLUS, you’ll get the details of the awesome BONUSES that come with it.

So, here’s what you want to do next; head over to my lens at:

Take a few minutes to explore it, and then decide if it will benefit you to invest a bit in your ongoing education.

See Ya Later.

Information Is Gold!

How does information equal gold? You probably already know the answer to that, but I wanted to inroduce my purpose here by looking back a bit at the origin of the internet. I hope it opens your eyes a bit and stimulates your imagination.

Stick with me, and I’ll get to the good part.

Ever since the World Wide Web was born, its main purpose has been as a depository of information. In the past, libraries served that purpose, but there’s a big, big difference.  Instead of having to travel to the library and physically look up the information or check out a book, all you have to do now is own a personal computer and you can almost instantly find any kind of information you desire.

You’ve heard the saying, “You can’t see the forest for the trees”.  Well, we’ve grown so used to the Internet we almost take it for granted. All I want to do is remind you of its primary “product” – INFORMATION! Google is well known for being content conscious, and insisting on delivering quality content to its users. That’s because they know that people are searching for information, and they want it quickly, and they want it to be accurate and valuable.

Remember, the search engines just provide a service – locating the information you are looking for – they don’t provide the information itself. The information is provided by millions of sources – libraries, companies, schools, governments, etc.

Right off the bat, thousands of clever entrepreneurs figured out that if they could provide exclusive or very specific information, it would be valuable. And value translates into MONEY!

See, I said I’d get to the good part.

Here’s the good part…

The quickest, easiest, and simplest way to make money online is to Sell Information!