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I mean, this is unbelievable!  If you ever wanted to make money with MRR (Master Resale Rights) products, this is your golden opportunity.

Starting right now, selling resell rights products in the Internet marketing niche has changed forever…

Liz Tomey Workshops

Liz Tomey has just released an incredible new offer that allows you to get resell rights to online workshops that she herself (not outsourced to brain dead ghostwriters and product creators) has created and is going to let you use them to explode your-profits…

What makes this package even more amazing is that Liz is also offering her personal coaching – where she’ll show you exactly how to use every one of the resell rights products that you get.

I know Liz personally because I’ve attended several of her workshops, I can tell you honestly, that I learned more about Master Resale Rights from her than I ever learned from all the other ebooks, courses, and videos I’ve bought over the years!

Liz Tomey Workshops

Needless to say, this is the best package I’ve ever seen, and I know you’ll agree too when you see it.

I mean WHOA… Resell rights to products that the “Queen of PLR” has created, and coaching from her as well?

How much more could you possibly ask?

Grab this package right now before all 500 are snatched up: 

Liz Tomey Workshops

Liz Tomey Workshops Package

Liz Tomey Workshops Package

Get this package, use what Liz teaches, and I’ll see you at the top!

You know as well as I do that capture pages with videos seem to be taking over the Internet. But, how in the world do I make video pages like that without any expensive equipment and training?

And I really don’t want to be in front of a camera!  Ugh!

I know exactly how you feel. I thought the same way, until I discovered this brand new online service. It’s called VoxFlair. Here, read all about it –

Voxflair is a package of tools you can use to create your own profit producing multi-media websites and salespages and turbo boost your online income with prerecorded audio flairs that you can mix and match to create your own message. These universal flairs are specifically designed to work with any product.

Get it? This will work to promote your resell rights products, too. 
Voxflair is not only jam packed with an impressive library of “audio flairs”,  but also with exclusively liscenced audio loops and widgets. Voxflair is truly an all-in-one product, ready to be put into use right away. Not only that but the tutorial videos take you by the hand and actually show you the step by step simple directions on how to integrate this stuff into your existing or new websites, sales pages or any page.

In fact, this screen capture and video training will show you exactly how to search for an appropriate flair for you project, how to match it with an audio loop and then placing it on a widget that can be running on you webpage in minutes.

Voxflair also provides you with a complete training course that teaches internet marketers how to set up effective and powerfull audio and video messages without having to voice and/or record  yourself on camera. Yeah!!      
Omar & J.I.Starrare  giving away 35 introductory flairs just for signing up for their prelaunch right now over at

This is so cool, that I almost wish I could grab your shoulders and shake you .
“Go get this right now!”

 Oh, and there’s no “continuity” program here!

Dan Kennedy bonuses coming to an end…

I’m rushing this as I’m about to watch the Olympics… but an important heads up:

You may be thinking, “What’s this have to do with information marketing, or PLR?”
You’ve got to understand that it doesn’t matter what your business is here on the net, Dan Kennedy can help you. He is a genius with an incredible track record when it comes to marketing!

For the past week or so, I’ve been promoting an opportunity to grab a very special discounted priced copy of Dan Kennedy’s “New Marketing and Direct Marketing Success Super Conferencecourse…

And all copies sold during this promotion have been shipping out with a few bonuses that soon will disappear…

Including Dan Kennedy’s full “Midas Touch” library which current sells for $139 but is included in this over-deliver package as a FREE bundled bonus.

The Midas Touch library is made up of:

– Midas Touch Marketing
– Midas Touch Direct Marketing
– Midas Touch Selling

A total of 12 audios worth of training by Dan Kennedy on how to best approach your marketing, direct marketing and selling efforts.

That freebie bonus along with others will be removed from this promotion in the coming days…

I really sincerely recommend that you pick this up right away.

Here is the page…

Just Built My First HubPage

I don’t know why it took me so long to start a HubPage, but I finally did it today.

Every marketer I know has advised me to do this because it adds a great link to your main website or blog, and because you can gain a lot of credibility if you post good articles. Don’t just put “junk” on your HubPage. Add quality content that will attract other members, and help you gain a lot of attention.

Here’s an example of one that caught my eye:   What You Need To Know About PLR

This business is all about traffic, and you need to be relentless when it comes to building backlinks and branding yourself. HubPages is a great opportunity to put another notch in your belt. 

Right now, mine is not much, but I’m going to make an effort to add content on a regular basis. So don’t be like me and put this off. Go on over there to see mine, and then create your very own and spread a little “HubLove” – like they say.

Oh. I almost forgot. Similar to Squidoo, you can even earn money when people click on ads on your HubPage. If yours becomes popular, who knows? KaChing! KaChing!

Have you heard of Nicole Dean? She’s a mom and a successful internet marketer. One of her areas of expertise is Private Label Rights, and she has a website where you can get high quality PLR content. So, she knows what she’s talking about, and here’s one of her videos that I know will either help your business or just educate you what goes on “behind the scenes”.

First, let me just say that early on when I started using PLR, I had no idea that I should “rework” it. I just used it “as is”.  Well, I didn’t get the response I hoped I would so I started investigating. It wasn’t long before I ran across several “pros”. Nicole was one of them.  You must customize your PLR content to get the most from it, and that’s why I’ve posted her video here today.

Now that you’ve seen Nicole’s great ideas, you know why she’s one of the pros. 
Be sure to visit her Easy PLR site here to see all the great private label rights content she offers:  Easy PLR