Since I’ve been helping local businesses to use internet marketing techniques to lower their advertising costs and get more sales, I’ve been doing various things myself to build a list of possible new clients.  One of the most important methods I teach new clients about how to quickly and inexpensively get an internet presence, is to claim their Google Place and their Yahoo Local listing.

I searched my “stash” of master resale rights products stored on my computer and found a great little report to re-work and use as a “carrot” to get business owners to investigate the value in appearing on the 2 search giants.  As explained elsewhere, I personalized the report, made sure it’s information and links were current, and finally, I added a link to a much more extensive ebook on the subject.Local Search Report

If you don’t have any PLR products on your PC, you can quickly find an appropriate product by searching online, or by visiting one of these great sites:  or  PLR

The short report is “free” – meaning they don’t even have to give me their name to get it. But, when they click on the link in the report to get the larger ebook (that tells them exactly how to claim their places on the internet) they are sent to a video squeeze page and are then required to give me their name and email. They’re taken directly to the download page, and also receive the download link again in my first autoresponder email message.

The beauty of this method, which you need to make note of, is that I was able to have the report and the ebook ready to go very quickly because I had already gotten the resale rights and private label rights to both of them earlier. Plus, of course, I didn’t have to write them myself or hire a writer to do it.

Just another example of the beauty of quality resale rights products!