There are many ways to use Private Label Rights products that result in you making money. They can be the actual product you sell, but usually they’re used as a “lead magnet” to attract customers and entice them into giving you their name and email address or phone number.  Now you’re building a list – and everyone knows “the money is in the list”. That’s because after building a list, you’re able to market to them on an ongoing basis.

Private label rights – PLR – products are created so that you don’t have to take your time to write an ebook, an article, make a video, or code a software program. After all, you’re the marketer – not the manufacturer. And what if you’re not a very good writer, or don’t have a clue how to create a software product? That’s the big advantage to using PLR products.

Even though someone else created the product, and you bought the right to put your name on it – hence the name private label rights – all too often there’s still a whole bunch of work for you to do to get it ready to use.

Preparing your Private Label Rights products

Depending on what kind of PLR products you’re going to use, and how you’re going to use them, here are some of the steps you may have to perform to get them ready for your application. Keep in mind that many other marketers may have purchased the same product; so you’ll want to modify it enough to make it uniquely yours:

  • Download PLR To Your Computer
  • Unzip & Inspect
  • New Graphics – so that yours is unique
  • Edit Product – again so that yours is unique
  • Convert Product To PDF
  • Edit Sales Page & Thank You Page
  • Create Your Customer’s Download Package
  • Finish Your Thank You Page
  • Create Your PayPal Button
  • Finish Your Sales Page

How to do each of these things is way too much for this article. Most likely, unless you’re pretty tech savvy, this list will look pretty scary. Fortunately, there are many courses and videos available to show you how to do these things. Or, you can hire someone to do them for you.

Once you’ve prepared everything, it’s time to make money. As I said, there are many ways to do that,and I’ll cover them in future posts, but for now, I’m just going to describe one method.

If you look up to the top of this website you’ll see my offer to join my list – my newsletter. You’ll see the picture of the free report you’ll receive as a gift for giving me your name and email. Here’s a secret: that report is a PLR product. I did not write it. However, I did modify it and put my affiliate links inside it so when someone who received it is reading it, and they want to look at the offer inside it, they’ll be following my link. If they then purchase the product, I will receive a commission.

Your newsletter can also promote private label rights products.

Additionally, when they begin receiving my “newsletter”, I’ll be promoting other products that they may be interested in, and when they purchase those, I also earn a commission. These products can be products created by other marketers, and I receive commissions for promoting their products, or, they might be PLR products that I have also modified to sell as my own products.

As you can see, the whole subject of private label rights products can be huge. So be sure to subscribe to my newsletter and continue to return here to learn more ways to use them to make money. In fact, your whole business could be based on PLR products.

I mentioned courses that teach you how to modify and prepare these products for your personal use, and I want to recommend one of those courses here. It’s the Private Label Rights Video Training Course, and you can learn more about it HERE.