If you missed Dan’s big conference, you’re in for a treat. For a limited time, you can now get it on 6 CD’s. Ah, you may ask, “Who is Dan Kennedy?”

Dan is sometimes called the grandfather of  “Information Marketing”. I’m not sure if that’s totally accurate, but he’s been very successful for 25+ years. In fact, through his courses and coaching programs just like this Success Super Conference  he’s trained many of today’s household name “internet marketers”.

He’s one of the top respected copywriters and direct response marketers in the world! Plus, he’s a best-selling author of 30+ top respected business books and consultant to billion dollar companies.

I love Dan’s stuff and this is a really great collection. This is your chance to introduce yourself to him if you haven’t already.  I had to order it when I saw how much stuff I was getting for under $100. It’s unbelievable!

Rather than writing 5 more paragraphs to describe the product and all the bonuses,  I’ll just give you the web link to this new promotion and let you decide how this can impact your business and personal income goals. Fair enough?

So, just go on over to this website right now and decide for youself if it will help your business.  –  Success Supper Conference 

By the way, this isn’t some “continuity” ploy. It’s a one time purchase. I checked.

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