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How Soon Do You Want To Fail?

We all fail. That’s how we get better. So, when I saw this video, I just had to tell you about it.

This is an amazing story of failure turned profitable…

Jack was actually a little embarrassed about his latest Internet biz results. $3 a day.


He thought he had totally failed.

Until…he discovered what he thought were complete failures… turned out to be a dependable source of monthly cake.

See he had set up quite a few of these little $3-a-day “L.C.M. Money Spouts” pretty quickly not too long ago….then kinda forgot about them since they were so small.

But once he started adding them all up, this army of little $3-a-day businesses was what many would consider full-time bank.

How would you like to know exactly how to “fail” enough times online to add up to a significant chunk of cheese?

How fast would you want to keep failing?

Ok, this video explains what’s up with the weird little L.C.M. $3 moolah spouts that Jack and his friends from Texas stumbled upon.

You gotta go watch it, especially because you might want to start “failing” too!

I just got word from Liz Tomey (an incredible marketing coach and my personal mentor) that she’s extending her offer for her new Workshops membership. She opened up a brand new site where she’s giving you monthly coaching for less than $1 a day.

She is offering an entire online workshop each month. Plus you’ll also get any coaching you need from Liz for all the workshops!

Insane huh?

Well I went and checked out the offer for you, and let me just say…

If you don’t jump on this then you simply don’t want to succeed.

Liz is laying success right out in front of you, and all you gotta do is reach out and grab it!

Liz’s Workshops

If you’re finally ready to quit chasing dreams and get real help from someone who truly knows what they are doing, then the coaching and help you’ll get from Liz is exactly what you need.

Now I gotta warn you… Liz said this offer is only available for the next 72 hours, and she is a woman of her word, so make sure you grab this offer at this amazing price by going to her  Workshops  right now…

Okay, that’s it for now. You’re going to be in great hands with Liz!

Liz’s Workshops

How Do I Organize All That PLR Content?

If you’ve been working online for any amount of time, you’ve probably purchased private label rights content at some point or another. PLR is a great tool that helps you add quality content to your websites without having to spend countless hours writing all of their content from scratch, or hire a ghostwriter to write it all for you.

If you’ve purchased your fair share of PLR, then you know that it’s taking up tons of space on your computer’s hard drive. And now, if you’re at all like me, you’re having a hard time determining what content you’ve used and where and which materials you still haven’t used yet. You’ll be happy to know, you’re not alone. It’s extremely easy to become disorganized with your PLR, until now that is.

Here’s one way you can organize your PLR content so that you know what’s been used and what is still waiting to find it’s way to the spotlight of your blog, website or newsletter.

First, organize all your PLR by either niche or website. If you own more than one website it might be best to use the latter organization method. Move all the articles that you want to use on that website into the site’s folder. Within your website folder create two folders. The first labeled “Rewritten – Ready for Posting to site” and the second, “Used.”

By creating two separate folders you can move the articles to the “Rewritten” folder once you’ve reworked them, and they are ready to be added to your blog or website. After you have added them to your site, simply cut and paste the article to the “Used” folder.

And don’t forget there are tons of ways to use the same article over and over. If you’re looking for PLR eCourses that you can use to teach others about the many uses of PLR, have a look at this: Get Great High Quality PLR Here!

Thought I’d say a bit about video today.  I’ve noticed the number of sales pages and  landing pages with videos just keeps increasing. Personally, I don’t know squat about video production. It’s hard enough dealing with all the other technical things, let alone having to become a video expert too!

But I decided to do a little research to find out more – especially things like what camera and mic to use.  Real quickly I ran across this guy –

Check out this insider video. It’s by a guy with a business that has submitted more than 3 million Web videos in two years–so he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to cameras.

He calls it “The Video Camera Buyer’s Guide: What to Buy and Where to Get It.”

Video Camera Guide

He’s got a killer way to start a full or part time Web video business that I’ll tell you about in a few days.

But this is where it all begins…with the right camera.

He goes through all of them in this video from the new Flip cameras and Webcams all the way up to the HD “prosumer” models-and everything in between.

Plus, he shows you which microphones to use and what the must-have accessories are.

This is great stuff–especially if you’re looking for a way to make money in the new economy:

Video Camera Guide

This is exactly the type of content video he teaches people how to make and blast out all over the Web to generate leads, top search rankings and $$$. You’ll see what I mean:

Video Camera Guide

As an information marketer, one of the best ways to make money is to sell resell rights to info products. The problem is, though, most of what you find online is crap! Well, here’s your chance to sell high quality resale rights products. is a one of a kind service where you get resell rights to top quality online workshops that Liz Tomey has personally created.

And if that isn’t enough, she’s going to coach you on how to actually put marketing systems in place to make loads of money off them too!

This is an unbelievable offer! And I know, because I know Liz, and I know the quality of both – her products and her coaching.

You will be getting a complete business model anyone can start profiting with today…

Here’s an example of her coaching ==>

You should start learning from this lady today!  => Tap Here <=

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