As I told you in an earlier post, a PLR (Private Label Rights) product with full rights goes much further than a product with resell rights.  That’s because with full rights you have the right to do basically what ever you want with the content. Which gives you the benefit of having your very own product without investing the time and effort of making it yourself.

For instance….

Having full PLR’s to a batch of articles, you are allowed to do any editing that you want. Plus, you can incorporate any links, images or additional content. Then include your author byline and claim the work as your own.

PLR materials come in many shapes, sizes and forms including information products such as e-books, reports and articles. They also come as graphic files, software, and more.

Does PLR have Disadvantages?

The only downside of PLR content is that when you purchase it you are not guaranteed a unique product, since they are often sold to several individuals. You can hire someone to create the content just for you, but that can be a bit pricey. Not to say it’s not worth it, but I’m sure you have better ways to spend your hard earned cash. Besides, if you spend some time learning from my PLR information on this blog, or visiting the recommended links, you are going to be able to take the more affordable PLR’s and make them into your very own digital empire.

Now let’s go over the major Advantages of PLR content.

• It saves time. For a well researched, informative and good quality ebook to be written, containing several chapters and comprising of about fifty pages, it can very well take at least fifty hours of your time and effort. With PLR contents, you easily get instant content access.

• No “outbound links”. With PLR content, you are not obligated to incorporate “outbound links” in your product. Which means you are only promoting your business or affiliate programs.• Cost efficient. Hiring someone to write content for you can be expensive, costing around $17 per 400 to 700 words. If you need a 50 page report or e-book, then you can expect to pay around $850. Whereas PLR content is much less expensive.

• PLR content can be revised or altered. You can rephrase
the words and add in your preferred content, links and keywords.

• You can brand your own name. Almost anybody purchasing something prefers to buy from someone they trust and know. With your PLR content, you are able to display your name. Then when prospects are pointed to your site, seeing your name once more, they instinctively have that certain
feeling of knowing and trusting you.

• Well written by experts. Generally, almost all “private
label content” is professionally written and compiled with
the most up-to-date research by experienced writers.

As you can see there are many more advantages than disadvantages to using PLR content to create your own products. I hope this has given you some insight and ideas that you can use when using your PLR content.

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