This is so crucial to your success not only in business, but in life itself, that we’ve listed it first. We firmly believer that in addition to honing your technical, marketing, and business skills, you should also set aside time to improve your self -> confidence building, relationship building, etc. When we find excellent resources, we’ll list them here.

1.) –
Personal Growth from — The most complete guide to information about Personal Growth on the Internet.

Domain Name Registrars:

1. Shylar’s Quest – .coms start at $7.99 and include FREE:
Forwarding / Masking
Parked Page w/ Domain
Total DNS Control
Change of Registration
Status Alerts
Get Details Here… 

2. Namecheap –
I can also recommend purchasing your domain names here. Either one of these companies is fine.  Details Here…

Website Hosts:

1. HostGator – This company allows you to host Unlimited domains, unlimited blogs, has the cPanel that gives you access to everything you will ever need, WordPress Hosting, and a whole lot more for $7.95 a month!  Learn more here…


1. AWeber – Probably the most popular service among professional marketers, they provide a Top-Notch professional service. Their prices begin at $19.95 a month, and they have an affiliate program.  Read More Here…

2. GetResponse – I would guess that this service is the 2nd most popular service among professional marketers, but that’s probably a bit like PC vs. Mac – based on personal preferences. Their prices begin at $17.95 a month, and they have an affiliate program. Read More Here…


1. HitsConnect – This is an amazingly simple method for tracking all your ads. Plus, they offer a rotator that enables you to promote sites, banners and special offers with just one url. Its free to join and can save loads of time and money in your
advertising efforts. I use this myself and recommend  Reading More Here…

2. ProTracker Plus
–  Designed with your marketing needs in mind, training included. PTP includes marketing, advertising, training and income earning tactics all in one website.  Learn More Here…

3. Add2It Got-To System – This split testing and tracking system is a bit more complicated, but very good. It protects all of your affiliate links, and tracks conversions to sales.
Learn More Here…

Keyword Research Tools:

1. Google Adwords: This is the most commonly used free keyword research tool. It works really well, plus Google has all kinds of suggestions and help available. This should be one of your main tools.  Use it here…

Legal Stuff:

1. Big Brother is watching you!  The FTC has been cracking down on internet marketing to prevent fraud, and you should be aware of the requirements.  One of the easiest ways to do that, unless you enjoy reading “legalese”, is by grabbing the software Len Thurmond offers here.  He’s done the homework for you, and this is one of the best investments I’ve made.  Check it out now…

Search Engine Stuff:

1. SubmitExpressSearch Engine Optimization and SEO Tools

Writing Tools:

1. eWriterPro – Finally! There’s An EASY Way To Publish Stunning PDF e-Books, Without Wasting A lot Of Time And Money!  Read More Here…

Payment Processors:

1. PayPal – One of the best known processors. You may even already have an account. If not, get one here…PayPal


1. RoboForm – This is a MUST HAVE!  It remembers all your passwords, so you don’t have to. Here’s a few more benefits:
Easy – Reduce Your Passwords to Just One
Logs You into Websites Automatically
Fills Forms with One Click
Securely Stores Your Passwords
Protects You from Identity Theft
Download Here

2. Quality Squeeze Page Maker – You Know You Must Use Squeeze Pages To Market Your Products Online, But You Dont Have A Clue How To Make One. Discover How You Can Quickly & Easily Create Squeeze Pages With Your Very Own Software By Simply Filling In The Blanks!  Get It Here…

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