How To Make Money With PLR Products

There are many ways to use Private Label Rights products that result in you making money. They can be the actual product you sell, but usually they’re used as a “lead magnet” to attract customers and entice them into giving you their name and email address or phone number.  Now you’re building a list – and everyone knows “the money is in the list”. That’s because after building a list, you’re able to market to them on an ongoing basis.

Private label rights – PLR – products are created so that you don’t have to take your time to write an ebook, an article, make a video, or code a software program. After all, you’re the marketer – not the manufacturer. And what if you’re not a very good writer, or don’t have a clue how to create a software product? That’s the big advantage to using PLR products.

Even though someone else created the product, and you bought the right to put your name on it – hence the name private label rights – all too often there’s still a whole bunch of work for you to do to get it ready to use.

Preparing your Private Label Rights products

Depending on what kind of PLR products you’re going to use, and how you’re going to use them, here are some of the steps you may have to perform to get them ready for your application. Keep in mind that many other marketers may have purchased the same product; so you’ll want to modify it enough to make it uniquely yours:

  • Download PLR To Your Computer
  • Unzip & Inspect
  • New Graphics – so that yours is unique
  • Edit Product – again so that yours is unique
  • Convert Product To PDF
  • Edit Sales Page & Thank You Page
  • Create Your Customer’s Download Package
  • Finish Your Thank You Page
  • Create Your PayPal Button
  • Finish Your Sales Page

How to do each of these things is way too much for this article. Most likely, unless you’re pretty tech savvy, this list will look pretty scary. Fortunately, there are many courses and videos available to show you how to do these things. Or, you can hire someone to do them for you.

Once you’ve prepared everything, it’s time to make money. As I said, there are many ways to do that,and I’ll cover them in future posts, but for now, I’m just going to describe one method.

If you look up to the top of this website you’ll see my offer to join my list – my newsletter. You’ll see the picture of the free report you’ll receive as a gift for giving me your name and email. Here’s a secret: that report is a PLR product. I did not write it. However, I did modify it and put my affiliate links inside it so when someone who received it is reading it, and they want to look at the offer inside it, they’ll be following my link. If they then purchase the product, I will receive a commission.

Your newsletter can also promote private label rights products.

Additionally, when they begin receiving my “newsletter”, I’ll be promoting other products that they may be interested in, and when they purchase those, I also earn a commission. These products can be products created by other marketers, and I receive commissions for promoting their products, or, they might be PLR products that I have also modified to sell as my own products.

As you can see, the whole subject of private label rights products can be huge. So be sure to subscribe to my newsletter and continue to return here to learn more ways to use them to make money. In fact, your whole business could be based on PLR products.

I mentioned courses that teach you how to modify and prepare these products for your personal use, and I want to recommend one of those courses here. It’s the Private Label Rights Video Training Course, and you can learn more about it HERE.



How To Use PLR To Build Your List

Since I’ve been helping local businesses to use internet marketing techniques to lower their advertising costs and get more sales, I’ve been doing various things myself to build a list of possible new clients.  One of the most important methods I teach new clients about how to quickly and inexpensively get an internet presence, is to claim their Google Place and their Yahoo Local listing.

I searched my “stash” of master resale rights products stored on my computer and found a great little report to re-work and use as a “carrot” to get business owners to investigate the value in appearing on the 2 search giants.  As explained elsewhere, I personalized the report, made sure it’s information and links were current, and finally, I added a link to a much more extensive ebook on the subject.Local Search Report

If you don’t have any PLR products on your PC, you can quickly find an appropriate product by searching online, or by visiting one of these great sites:  or  PLR

The short report is “free” – meaning they don’t even have to give me their name to get it. But, when they click on the link in the report to get the larger ebook (that tells them exactly how to claim their places on the internet) they are sent to a video squeeze page and are then required to give me their name and email. They’re taken directly to the download page, and also receive the download link again in my first autoresponder email message.

The beauty of this method, which you need to make note of, is that I was able to have the report and the ebook ready to go very quickly because I had already gotten the resale rights and private label rights to both of them earlier. Plus, of course, I didn’t have to write them myself or hire a writer to do it.

Just another example of the beauty of quality resale rights products!

The Pros And Cons Of Working With PLR

As I told you in an earlier post, a PLR (Private Label Rights) product with full rights goes much further than a product with resell rights.  That’s because with full rights you have the right to do basically what ever you want with the content. Which gives you the benefit of having your very own product without investing the time and effort of making it yourself.

For instance….

Having full PLR’s to a batch of articles, you are allowed to do any editing that you want. Plus, you can incorporate any links, images or additional content. Then include your author byline and claim the work as your own.

PLR materials come in many shapes, sizes and forms including information products such as e-books, reports and articles. They also come as graphic files, software, and more.

Does PLR have Disadvantages?

The only downside of PLR content is that when you purchase it you are not guaranteed a unique product, since they are often sold to several individuals. You can hire someone to create the content just for you, but that can be a bit pricey. Not to say it’s not worth it, but I’m sure you have better ways to spend your hard earned cash. Besides, if you spend some time learning from my PLR information on this blog, or visiting the recommended links, you are going to be able to take the more affordable PLR’s and make them into your very own digital empire.

Now let’s go over the major Advantages of PLR content.

• It saves time. For a well researched, informative and good quality ebook to be written, containing several chapters and comprising of about fifty pages, it can very well take at least fifty hours of your time and effort. With PLR contents, you easily get instant content access.

• No “outbound links”. With PLR content, you are not obligated to incorporate “outbound links” in your product. Which means you are only promoting your business or affiliate programs.• Cost efficient. Hiring someone to write content for you can be expensive, costing around $17 per 400 to 700 words. If you need a 50 page report or e-book, then you can expect to pay around $850. Whereas PLR content is much less expensive.

• PLR content can be revised or altered. You can rephrase
the words and add in your preferred content, links and keywords.

• You can brand your own name. Almost anybody purchasing something prefers to buy from someone they trust and know. With your PLR content, you are able to display your name. Then when prospects are pointed to your site, seeing your name once more, they instinctively have that certain
feeling of knowing and trusting you.

• Well written by experts. Generally, almost all “private
label content” is professionally written and compiled with
the most up-to-date research by experienced writers.

As you can see there are many more advantages than disadvantages to using PLR content to create your own products. I hope this has given you some insight and ideas that you can use when using your PLR content.

Want To Make Money? All You Need Is Here…

The Business Biography Of Liz Tomey

Liz Tomey got her start in the business world in 1998 at the age of only 19. Her first business was a direct mail/mailorder business where she provided 1000’s of clients with her unique advertising methods that got them the leads and sales they needed.

She had over 400 offline affiliates who promoted her advertising services for a commission, and she filled the orders for them. Much like what affiliate marketers do online, but she was doing it offline before affiliate marketing was even very well known!

In 2004 with the rising costs of doing business offline, she took her marketing knowledge and moved her business online.

Instead of selling advertising, she started putting all of her marketing knowledge into products, and began selling those products. Using the same model that worked offline, she decided to create an affiliate program and have other people selling her products for a commission.

This model has worked since 1998 and currently (2010) it’s the same model she’s using to run your million dollar business!

Liz now offers several different marketing courses, coaching programs, memberships, and more so that you can learn real ways to build your business online. Liz is also a well known speaker and has spoken and been invited to speak at Internet marketing seminars around the world.

Liz is a well known and well liked marketer who truly focuses on the success of her customers, followers, and readers!

Below you will find information on how you can learn from Liz along with the many products, services, and coaching programs she offers.

1. Liz’s main site is her site where she offers 5 different online coaching workshops she’s done on 5 different topics of making money online. You can get them right now by clicking here.

2. One of Liz’s best coaching programs she’s created is her Newbie Survival program. This program helps the “online newbie” decide how they want to make money online, and then gives you the steps, tools, and resources to do so. This program also gives you personal one-on-one access with Liz. You can check this program out by clicking here.

3. Another coaching program that Liz has created is called The Lost Reseller Scrolls. Liz created this program to show people exactly how she’s been able to build a huge list, an incredible affiliate income, membership sites, and more using resell rights products she buys and creates. This coaching program is an entire business model that anyone can learn and put to use. This program also gives you personal one-on-one access with Liz. You can check this program out by clicking here.

4. Liz knows that one of the biggest obstacles that online business owners face is getting traffic to their websites. Because of that she has created a membership site where you can learn everything you need to know to get traffic to your website. Plus Liz also gives you personal coaching for anything you need help on with getting traffic to your website. You can learn more about getting Liz’s personal help with traffic generation by clicking here.

5. Liz’s newest site is called Ready To Go Systems. From this site she teaches new online business owners the different Internet marketing systems they can use to create an online income. Right now Liz is offering a free video course called “Product Empire Profits” and you can get it at no cost by clicking here.

As you can see Liz Tomey is an incredible marketer with a lot of experience and the supreme skills needed to be a top Internet marketing coach!

How Do I Organize All That PLR Content?

If you’ve been working online for any amount of time, you’ve probably purchased private label rights content at some point or another. PLR is a great tool that helps you add quality content to your websites without having to spend countless hours writing all of their content from scratch, or hire a ghostwriter to write it all for you.

If you’ve purchased your fair share of PLR, then you know that it’s taking up tons of space on your computer’s hard drive. And now, if you’re at all like me, you’re having a hard time determining what content you’ve used and where and which materials you still haven’t used yet. You’ll be happy to know, you’re not alone. It’s extremely easy to become disorganized with your PLR, until now that is.

Here’s one way you can organize your PLR content so that you know what’s been used and what is still waiting to find it’s way to the spotlight of your blog, website or newsletter.

First, organize all your PLR by either niche or website. If you own more than one website it might be best to use the latter organization method. Move all the articles that you want to use on that website into the site’s folder. Within your website folder create two folders. The first labeled “Rewritten – Ready for Posting to site” and the second, “Used.”

By creating two separate folders you can move the articles to the “Rewritten” folder once you’ve reworked them, and they are ready to be added to your blog or website. After you have added them to your site, simply cut and paste the article to the “Used” folder.

And don’t forget there are tons of ways to use the same article over and over. If you’re looking for PLR eCourses that you can use to teach others about the many uses of PLR, have a look at this: Get Great High Quality PLR Here!